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The cast of Big Bang Theory covers this edition of Entertainment Weekly as a celebration for the final season of the TV series.

And so two of the show’s stars — Kaley Cuoco (Penny) and Johnny Galecki (Leonard) — harnessed up in order to make it look as though they are flying through space on this week’s Entertainment Weekly cover. “We had to cut holes in the clothes, put a belt around them, and then hook them on,” says Garry. “We opened seams in the dress and the sides of his pants.” But don’t worry, no garments were harmed in the making of this cover. “We had a seamstress on site and she sewed them right back up!” Parsons preferred being on the ground, so he called on his acting talents to replicate zero gravity during the shoot.

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One Response to “Big Bang Theory covers Entertainment Weekly”
Linda Quap

Kaley, I just recently saw you in your new project on Youtube TravelHack which encourages travel using lowest possible CO2 emmissions. 👍👍
I will always remember your portrayal of “Penny”, but I am very happy to see you taking on this important project. Too many don’t realize the dangers of CO2 emmissions. Kudos to you. FYI: I liked you in the movie where your character donned a “fat suit” to empathize with others who are obese and of course your role as Penny. I wish you continued amazing success. I have complete faith that you will continue to do awesome work.
Philadelphia, PA

Mar 30, 19 at 9:37 am


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