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New Layout | Version #2 Plum + Play

Hi guys!!! We got a new layout up at kaley-cuoco.net.

Big thanks to Kaleidoscope Designs for this beautiful and playful header! This is the second version (that I am aware of) and we are going to call it “Plum + Play”. In the next couple of hours I will be replacing the gallery with this version as well, so please bare with me!

Photos that were used for this new design are from Kaley’s shoot with Eric Ray Davidson in 2014 combines with the shoot with Richard Hume in 2012.

Hope you all like it! (Remember to clear your cache to see the new layout.)

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New layout at Kaley Cuoco Central

I was a few tired of the old layout so, I ordered a new one and now the layout is online and ready! What do you think?? I really love this one and hope that you love this too. If you find errors or have suggestions for the site, please, let me know. We got a new layout for the gallery too.

Also, I am going to add tons of stuff the next week so, please, come back soon to take a look to the updates.

If you want to donate and help this site, please, feel free to do. Every little bit helps.

Thanks to everyone for the support.

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Welcome to Kaley Cuoco Central

Hello and welcome to Kaley Cuoco Central. My name is Nick and I am the owner of this site.

I am a big fan of Kaley and wanted to bring the fans a site with everything on her.  I am still working on the gallery so, it is not complete and tons of things need to be added but I wanted to open this site to share with you all. Also, I need to add all the information, sections…but I would like to know your opinion so, if you have suggestions or comments, please, contact me.

Thanks to everyone for visiting the site.